Lawrence Tech offers new green building degree

If green building is part of the evolution of construction, then Lawrence Technological University is adapting its curriculum to flourish in this new habitat.

The Southfield-based university is now offering a five-year program that combines the bachelors and masters degrees of architectural engineering. The idea is to give the graduates a better understanding of both worlds so they can incorporate sustainable principles more easily in their work.

Graduates will be qualified to become licensed engineers. Architectural engineers are in high demand because they have the ability to analyze a site and take all of the factors into account to build the greenest building possible. Those factors include building orientation, heating design, and analyzing the most efficient water usage.

Students of the program will be able to take advantage of the sustainability movement in architecture by designing and building structures with minimal carbon footprint. It’s widely believed that these architectural engineers will assume leadership roles in the sustainable building design sector.

Source: Lawrence Technological University
Writer: Jon Zemke