Hold-Up Suspender Co. invents mancessories, expands product line

Sal Herman never intended to get into the suspenders business. The Metro Detroit resident already had a successful company when he came up with an innovation for suspenders clips in 1990.

Then he just wanted to sell the patent and collect royalties. But there weren’t any takers, so he started the Hold-Up Suspender Co. in Southfield. Now the suspenders enthusiast has two successful businesses to look after.

“I always wore suspenders that didn’t work, so I invented a better mouse trap, so to say,” Herman says. “It took a lot of time and money and luck to get it going.”

Today the Hold-Up Suspender Co. employs seven people and has a product list of different types of suspenders and other similar mancessories. It recently hired one person, who happened to be an existing employee’s daughter.

“Whenever we hire somebody, we ask if they have somebody else in their family who wants to work for us,” Herman says.

The Hold-Up Suspender Co. is releasing a new product this year called the Under-Up. The Under-Up is a unique, invisible undergarment suspender, allowing wearers to comfortably don a pair beneath their shirts, unseen to others.

“It’s amazing what is happening with that,” Herman says. “People are buying that four or five at a time.”

Source: Sal Herman, inventor & president, Hold-Up Suspender Co.
Writer: Jon Zemke

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