Grede Holdings partakes in EPA ENERGY STAR program

Southfield-based Grede Holdings LLC is committing to EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, which has some of the nation’s largest companies working to reduce greenhouse gases by conserving energy.

a manufacturer of iron castings, foam, silicon and other products for
the transportation and industrial markets, with 3,800 employees at 13
foundries, three machining operations, and its headquarters in
Southfield, plans to measure and track its energy performance with tools
offered through ENERGY STAR.

The company also will develop and
implement energy management guidelines for decreasing energy usage.
Being an ENERGY STAR company will also have the company promote the
importance of energy efficiency to its staff and the community.

all part of the ENERGY STAR Challenge, which calls on commercial and
industrial buildings to improve energy efficiency by at least 10
percent. In return for energy saving achievements, Grede will receive
the ENERGY STAR certification, an increasingly ubiquitous symbol on
appliances and other consumer products and commercial and industrial

ENERGY STAR began in 1992 in an attempt to curb greenhouse gases and
global warming. Last year it had saved Americans, according to the
Environmental Protection Agency, about $18 billion on their energy bills
while reducing the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those of 33
million vehicles.

Grede is not disclosing the amount of
investment that will go into the project, but there will be a “sound
return” on the investment.

“We believe that a strategic,
corporate energy management program will help us enhance our financial
health and aid in preserving the environment for future generations,”
says Doug Grimm, chairman, president and CEO, Grede Holdings LLC.

Source: Richard Pacini, senior vice president, Millerschin Group; Doug Grimm, chairman, president and CEO, Grede Holdings LLC
Writer: Kim North Shine

This article previously appeared in Metromode.