Brooks Kushman adds staff to keep up with IP work spike

Brooks Kushman has experienced a hiring spike over the last year as the economy has rebounded.

The Southfield-based intellectual-property law firm has hired 17 people over the last year, including 12 new attorneys and five support staff. It has expanded its office space by 7,000 square feet to accommodate the growth. It now has a staff of 177 people, a vast majority of which are housed in 2.5 floors in 1000 Town Center, overlooking the Lodge Freeway.

“As the economy is getting a little better our clients are sending us more work and we need to hire more people to handle it,” says Mark Cantor, president of Brooks Kushman.

What makes that statement unique is that intellectual property is pretty steady regardless of the ups and downs of the economy. Cantor says local companies are looking to expand on more intellectual property. While a majority of that work is automotive, it is not just new designs for brakes or gears. Since so much of a vehicle is dependent on software, a lot of that work revolves around new technology, which is making Cantor optimistic for next year.

“I think 2014 will be our best year,” Cantor says. “The stars seems to be aligning for us.”

Source: Mark Cantor, president of Brooks Kushman
Writer: Jon Zemke

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