Zoo’s 4D theater brings Africa here

Detroit Zoo’s 3D/4D movie about African animals brings the view experience to life.


The Detroit Zoo’s new 3D/4D movie about animals in Africa starts out kind of tame.

From the view of a tiny robotic camera on the ground of a Kenyan plain, the water buffalo staring into the 126-seat theater look close enough to touch.

Then a cheetah snarls, popping off the screen.

Elephants shake their heads, stomp their feet at the visitor, and the seats shake.

Then the rhino pees.





“Eeeeewwwwww! That’s terrible!” howled Richard Pratt, 39, of Chesterfield Township, more grossed out than his son, Alex, 6, and the other first-graders who got a sneak peek at the movie today, spray coming out of the newly rigged seat in front of them. “I got rhino pee on me!

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