Whiskey Distillery Donates and Discounts Sanitizer to Help Restart Royal Oak Community

Motor City Gas has been donating sanitizer for months to those on the front line of the Corona​virus fight.  Now they are helping to reopen their community by offering businesses and government institutions in the city of Royal Oak a 20% discount on their hand sanitizer.

According to owner and head distiller Rich Lockwood, their sanitizer meets all FDA and World Health Organization requirements, is never made from fuel grade ethanol and at 80% alcohol also makes for an effective surface sanitizer.

“A lot of people have been hit hard here. We’re just trying to help fuel the comeback of our community,” explains Lockwood.  Motor City Gas will continue donating a portion of every single batch of sanitizer they make to first responders and front line healthcare workers.  To get on their donation list people can email MotorCityGas@gmail.com.

​Around the time the local stay at home order took effect, a nationwide shortage of sanitizer was starting.  In response governments lifted restrictions to allow distilleries to produce hand sanitizer. “Instead of shutting down to weather the storm, we decided to join the fight by retooling and dedicating 100% of our manufacturing capacity to making sanitizer. The original goal was to help first responders. Now the focus is to also to help get our town back on their feet,” said co-owner and wife Tonya Lockwood.

The distillers started making the alcohol base for sanitizer with existing grain fermentations that were intended to be distilled into Bourbon and aged in wood casks for 6 years. This provided quick alcohol, but was an expensive process so they pivoted from grain to granulated sugar from the Michigan Sugar Company and a more efficient yeast strain. This reduced manufacturing costs, increased productivity and ultimately made their sanitizer more accessible and affordable. According to the Lockwood’s they plan to make sanitizer as long people are in need.

Motor City Gas is open for walk in / carry out, Thursday thru Sunday noon to 7pm for sales of hand sanitizer in 8 oz. and one gallon bottles. They are also still selling bottles of their handmade whiskies, whiskey flights to go and cocktail kits.  Online payments and curbside service are available by emailing MotorCityGas@gmail.com

This press release is courtesy of Motor City Gas.