What kind of downtown does Royal Oak want to be?

Born to be wild? Or not? That’s the question Royal Oak city officials
want to know about the city’s downtown. Would the possible introduction
of a bistro license turn up the volume on the city?


some, new bistro licenses could be a way to let already established
local businesses add beer or wine to their menu. For others, a bistro
license should include the option for a full liquor bar.

And for others, bistro licenses are a way of
allowing quiet restaurants to serve booze, and keep out the bigger bars
that may change a town from quaint to wild. One-hundred seats or less
is about what Andrzejak, for now, considers good bistro licenses.

commissioner has a different perspective on bistro licenses,”
Commissioner Mike Andrzejak said. “To some, there’s a misnomer that the
goal is to bring more smaller liquor establishments into the city.
That’s not my desire. I see it as a defense against the next mega-bar

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