Unique Solutions of Advanced Technologies’ revenue jumps 30%

Sreedhar Kaluva started his business, Unique Solutions of Advanced Technologies, because he wanted to destroy a myth or two about small businesses and the technology they can employ.

“I want to help remove the myth that they need deep pockets to have help with IT technology,” Kaluva says.

Unique Solutions of Advanced Technologies has made a name for itself as an IT and software firm that services small businesses, creating customer software for them in a few cases, since its launch in 2006. Its business is up 30 percent, which has allowed the company to hire a new employee, a project coordinator. It now employs a staff of four people in Royal Oak.

“There has been a wave of customers that came on board through word-of-mouth references from our customers,” Kaluva says.

Unique Solutions of Advanced Technologies is also working on a new IT process/software program called Grad Sourcing. The idea is to better organize the IT services paradigm so it can better serve companies while creating more jobs in the U.S. He hopes to launch the service later this year.

“We’re trying to bridge the gap between the supply and demand with an innovative new resource,” Kaluva says.

Source: Sreedhar Kaluva, founder & CEO of Unique Solutions of Advanced Technologies
Writer: Jon Zemke

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