RTT USA plans for dozens of new hires in Royal Oak

Even in down times RTT USA continues to grow. Just think what the Royal Oak-based firm will do when the economy’s rebound starts to really gain traction?

Peter Stevenson, COO of the graphics software company, has a pretty good idea. He expects to add a few dozen new hires to the company’s Metro Detroit office by the end of the year as the subsidiary of Germany-based RTT AG expands its North American staff from 90 people to 120.

“We are incredibly busy this year,” Stevenson says. “We are hiring people at an incredible rate and I expect that to continue.”

RTT USA has grown its downtown Royal Oak office to 48 employees and another half a dozen independent contractors and interns in five years. It also has a California office with 42 people. About 70 percent of the new hires are expected to be in Royal Oak.

The company just expanded its office footprint by 40 percent on Main Street just north of 11 Mile Road. It could have found cheaper space further north in bland offices in a less interesting location. However, the company needs downtown Royal Oak’s vibrancy to help sustain its growth.

“The vast majority of the people we’re hiring are young,” Stevenson says. “What we do is seen as very cool and our location needs to match that. Downtown Royal Oak works very well for that, especially for our clients.”

That’s because RTT USA works with some pretty impressive graphics. It recently released the latest version of its proprietary software, which specializes in real time 3D visualization. The software is also the first of its kind to include a product data management connection.

Source: Peter Stevenson, COO of RTT USA
Writer: Jon Zemke