Royal Oak’s Vectorform increases staff by 50%

Condense the words “early adoption” into one and there is a good chance it might spell Vectorform.

The Royal Oak-based firm has turned creation of the latest in applications for mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad into a steady stream of hires around the world. It has gone from a staff of 70 people worldwide last summer to 100 today, including 30 in Royal Oak.

“We have been growing fairly substantially,” says Alison Weber, director of communications for Vectorform. “We have probably added 30 people, primarily in the Seattle area.” The company has made eight hires for its Royal Oak office, including a couple of former interns. It hopes to add eight more positions there over the next year.

Vectorform specializes in interactive design and development, such as web design and multi-touch hardware for the likes of the iPhone and Microsoft Surface. It recently released for the iPhone “The Ancient Game of GO“, inspired by a 2,500-year-old Chinese game. GO focuses on capturing territory on a game board by surrounding your opponent’s respective stone chips with yours.

“We’re starting to become a more recognized and respected name,” Weber says. “Until this point we have been a bit of a well-kept secret.”

Source: Alison Weber, director of communications for Vectorform
Writer: Jon Zemke