Royal Oak’s City Hall to receive energy-efficient upgrades

Royal Oak’s City Hall buildings will soon become local leaders in energy efficiency, replacing boilers, outdated lighting and air-conditioning units this summer.

The improvements, which cost $562,000, will mostly be paid by a federal stimulus grant, with the $132,000 difference expected to be repaid in energy savings. Johnson Controls, who will do the work, guaranteed the City of Royal Oak they will reap more in energy savings than they will spend in the next six years. The work is guaranteed — Johnson Controls promises to write a check for the difference if the city doesn’t realize significant savings.


In addition to the heating and cooling units themselves, Johnson
Controls will replace the associated piping and connections to the
system. In addition, there will be changes to more energy-efficient
lighting. Controls will also be placed on the vending machines so they
run only during normal work hours and not 24 hours a day.

“It’s a complete no-brainer,” said City Commissioner Jim Rasor. “What’s the downside? There is none.”

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