Royal Oak’s Bonal Technologies hires 2 for green technology jobs

Bonal Technologies took an old idea in an old industry and turned it into a green, new economy innovation.

25-year-old Royal Oak-based firm specializes in the manufacturing
industry. Over the last few years, it has come up with a sub-harmonic
vibratory technology for users to save between 65 and 90 percent in
costs and energy consumption. That has proven to be a boon for the

“We have been in a growth spurt for the last five years
that has surpassed what we grew in the first 20,” says Greg Merritt,
sales manager for Bonal Technologies.

has allowed the company to grow to 17 employees and a couple of
independent contractors. It just hired two staffers and hopes to hire
more in the near future.

Source: Greg Merritt, sales manager for Bonal Technologies

Writer: Jon Zemke