Royal Oak’s 323 East, Ohm Creative Group develop 3 new jobs

One of downtown Royal Oak’s top
destinations for creatives is also becoming one of the suburb’s top
employers of them, too.

The 323 East art gallery and Ohm Creative
Group, which both occupy the same space at 323 E Fourth St, have hired
three people within less than a year. The gallery now has five staffers,
and Ohm Creative Group’s employee count has hit six full-timers, half a
dozen independent contractors, and the occasional intern. Both expect
to hire a total of 3-5 more next year.

“We have seen growth,”
says Jesse Cory, CEO of Ohm Creative Group and partner in
323 East. “In the
first quarter of this year our revenue went up 50 percent. We hired a
couple of people this year.”

A lot of that growth has come from
the Ohm
Creative Group
side. The full-service creative agency specializes
in multimedia marketing vehicles utilizing high-end HD video, website
design and development, internet marketing campaigns, and web video
integration. The company does work with Detroit Public TV ( and has hit a
bit of a gold mine helping home improvement firms take advantage of
online sales.

It’s also branching out beyond Metro Detroit. The
company is partnering with some entrepreneurs in New York City to create
a few Internet start-ups, one
of which
helps tenants pay rent digitally. It’s part of what Cory
describes as his many “irons in the fire.”

323 East is an art
gallery selling everything from functional art to sculptures to limited
edition clothing. The vast majority of the work available is produced by
local artists, such as Anastasia Chatzka, Graem Whyte, Faina Lerman,
Megan Harriss, Dan Armand, Taurus Burns, and Kill Taupe.

323 East
has transformed from a creatively inclined business with a boutique
focus to more of a fine art gallery. The owners reorganized to create
more exhibition room up front and converted 400 square feet of lunchroom
space into a boutique stockroom.

“Every time we turn around
there are growth opportunities that present themselves,” Cory says.

Source: Jesse Cory, CEO of Ohm Creative
Group and partner in 323 East

Jon Zemke