Royal Oak time capsule preserves the present for the future

A time capsule, designed to embody Royal Oak as it is today, will be
buried October 1 for the Snapshot Royal Oak 2011 project. The capsule is
set to be buried for 35 years. The capsule won’t be seen again until
2046, which is the 125th anniversary of the founding of Royal Oak.

project will also include an art contest centered around the theme,
“Royal Oak as I See It,” and the winner’s submission will be included in
the capsule along with other items representative of the city in 2011;
like menus from popular restaurants or ticket stubs from the movie
theaters. It will also preserve items from organizations, schools and
special events.


The teens want to remember the social phenomenon by including
something to show the Facebook pages created for the city and the
library. They might also throw in something to remember the movies that
have been filmed in Royal Oak under the state’s tax incentives.

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