Royal Oak studio auditions ‘undiscovered talent’

Studio holds auditions in Royal Oak looking for undiscovered talent.


Studio 326 in downtown Royal Oak is normally home to still photography, but May 27-28, a little “action” was added to the regular presence of “lights” and “camera.”

Between 60 and 70 people auditioned on the first of two straight days of open casting calls for Annabelle and Bear, a movie to be filmed in Michigan with a local cast and crew.

Volunteer Dina Levock not only checked people in at the front door, she also auditioned for a telephone scene as “Donna.”

“She kind of had an ‘attitude,’ and I thought ‘I’ll try that,'” said Levock, 40, who said she last acted in high school as “Sandy” for Grease.

Once inside the studio on Fourth Street, operated by the Radish Creative Group, prospective actors and actresses sat nervously, waiting for producer Melissa Hughes to call them “behind the curtain” for their audition.

The film’s purpose isn’t driven by money, Hughes said, but love of the film industry. This is the company’s first full-length film, and Hughes said the casting calls should help fill many main parts and extras.

“There is a lot of undiscovered talent in town,” Hughes said. “People don’t know they have the talent.”

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