Royal Oak firms write gift wrapping iPhone app

Two Royal Oak-based businesses have created a iPhone and iPod Touch app to assist you in gift wrapping this years gifts.


If you’re all thumbs when it comes to gift wrapping, there’s an app for that.

You don’t even need a ruler any more with WrapItApp, a new gift wrapping application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The application was developed by two Royal Oak based businesses,
Lisa’s Gift Wrappers and Vectorform. It is available for download at
the iTunes store for $1.99.

The application uses the iPhone or iTouch as a measuring device to
ensure you are using the correct amount of wrapping paper. It provides
simple step-by-step instructions on how to make a one and three loop
bow and familiarizes the user with standard box sizes and paper needs.

In conceiving the application, Lisa Gleeson observed how technology
and design were merging and believed that gift wrapping was the next

“Our industry is all about trends — colors, designs and textures,” she
said. “Those who appreciate that and integrate it into their everyday
lives are my customers. They seek information immediately-where and
when they want it. WrapItApp puts it at their fingertips 24.7.”

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