Royal Oak develops non-motorized transit plan

Royal Oak residents want to hear from you
about how you think it could be easier to bike around the city.

open house is planned for 7 p.m. Sept. 28 at the Royal Oak Farmer’s
Market, 316 E. 11 Mile Road. Bicycle boulevards, road diets, and bike
lanes are all up for discussion. Specifically, the planners want to know
where people bike and walk, where they wish they could bike and walk,
and what can be done to improve the transit experience in the city.

Scott, a Royal Oak resident and bike activist who says he’s been
pushing for a non-motorized plan for some time, says he hopes the end
product of the meeting is to have a plan that guides the city on what
residents want as far as making roads bike-friendly and walkable.

do we encourage people to bike more?” he says. “We don’t want to build
bike lanes and not have them filled with cyclists. This will be a plan
to get that done.”

Scott says he often hears from people who know
about cycling paths in Metro Parks, for example, but don’t want to load
up the car just to go for a bike ride. “They want to see more in the
urban areas,” he says. “It’s pretty exciting. There’s lot of opportunity
and potential in Royal Oak.”

The Active Transportation Alliance is
working with the city of Royal Oak to help develop the non-motorized
plan; contact Marissa Dolin at or (312)
427-3325, ext. 292 for more information.

Source: Todd Scott,
Royal Oak resident and cyclist

Writer: Kristin Lukowsk