Royal Oak adds to Metro Detroit’s crowd of creperies with What Crepe?

Detroit can boast two creperies – one downtown and one in Corktown. So, what do you have to show for it, suburbs? Well, look no further than Royal Oak. What Crepe? has opened its doors and is ready to sling some sweet and savory crepes.


If you’re a fan of crepes — the delicate, filled French pancakes having a mini-renaissance in metro Detroit lately — check out the area’s newest destination in Royal Oak.

Opened by Paul Jenkins Jr., the tiny but elegantly appointed cafe at 317 S. Washington is called What Crepe? — perhaps a reference to the wide variety of sweet and savory choices, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Jenkins opened the 28-seat restaurant May 30 in Café Muse’s old location after giving the hall-like space a more polished, upscale look in a palette of black, gray, sage and burgundy. Small crystal chandeliers, fresh flowers and tables covered in black fabric with white butcher-paper toppers set a chic tone, but the vibe is still casual, fresh and fun.

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