‘Rollin’ On’ brings reality television to downtown Royal Oak

You know reality TV has come full circle when there is a reality show about making a reality show. That’s the idea behind Rollin’ On, a locally produced reality show about pursuing a career in the film industry.

“I came up with a reality show about what it takes to become a cameraman or a film grip,” says Jody Harker, executive producer of Rollin’ On. “What it takes to put a film or a movie out.”

More than 400 people auditioned for the show that would follow a film crew around for five months. Right now it employs 13 people and some independent contractors in downtown Royal Oak. The show, which is in preproduction, is hoping to find a network buyer and hit the airwaves in the third quarter of this year.

Harker says the idea hit her when she was speaking to some new friends in the emerging local film industry about recreating Michigan’s automotive-based workforce.

Source: Jody Harker, executive producer of Rollin’ On
Writer: Jon Zemke