Roadwork on Woodward makes it more walkable

Woodward Avenue in Berkley and Royal Oak is in the process of changes that should make one heavy pedestrian spot a less challenging one to walk safely.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is spending $400,000 to improve Woodward Avenue and 12 Mile Road. While safety is MDOT’s main concern, the changes could also make the intersection even more inviting to pedestrians who frequent the dozens of businesses along the stretch.

The construction, which will primarily affect the median and Michigan left turn lanes, started this week and could finish in time for the Woodward Dream Cruise, which runs Aug. 17-22, and attracts thousands of collector car owners and spectators to this part of Woodward. If incomplete by then, it should be done by Labor Day, says MDOT spokesman Rob Morosi.

Some of the conditions at the pedestrian-heavy area along this wide swath of road traveled by speeding cars, “raised red flags,” Morosi says.

The existing median will be widened so there’s a safe place to wait while crossing the wide road. Left turn lanes will be shortened so cars can’t go so fast next to the median. Stamped concrete at the crossings will make crossing locations clearer to pedestrians and drivers, and new crossing signals will have the added feature of a countdown clock to make it clear if there’s enough time to make it across the road. Additionally, sidewalk ramps will be improved.

Source: Rob Morosi, spokesman Michigan Department of Transportation
Writer: Kim North Shine

This article previously appeared in Metromode.