o2 Creative Solutions is a small firm with big ideas

Growth isn’t necessarily the top priority for o2 Creative Solutions. It’s why the Royal Oak-based firm is happy with an average of 15 employees and a handful of independent contractors and interns.

The experience design firm has a goal of combining multiple disciplines, such as branding or tech development, into one company. That way it can meet with, say, the likes of Lexus, and offer the best, most creative plan without limitation. Staying small helps accentuate this notion.

“The minute you get too big you can create compartments and people stop communicating with each other,” says Brian Hords, founder and executive creative director for o2 Creative Solutions. “That takes away from our creativity.”

For example, the firm has partnered with Ghostly International to create a new iPhone application called GHOSTLY DISCOVERY. The free application is a mood-based radio station featuring the Ghostly International and Spectral Sound catalogues. It lets users set the MOOD wheel to a color that best reflects their state of mind and then builds a music playlist from the catalogue, based on that mood. Users can then learn and purchase the song as it plays.

Hords started o2 Creative Solutions eight years ago with three people. He hopes to keep his firm at its current staff size for the foreseeable future.

Source: Brian Hords, founder and executive creative director of o2 Creative Solutions
Writer: Jon Zemke