Mr. B’s in Royal Oak under new ownership

Chef Johnny Prep (nee Prepolec) has taken over management of Mr. B’s Pub in Royal Oak. He is the second owner of the restaurant, which opened 30 years ago on Main Street.

“The B’s brand has been popular for a long time, and we intend to build on that reputation,” says Prep, a former auto exec who has put his entrepreneurial energies into various culinary ventures. “We will enhance the menu by making more dishes, condiments, sauces and soups from scratch, and creating a culinary culture that’s focused on fun.”

All changes will be rolled out in stages over the next several months.

Among other things, Prep has written two cookbooks and snagged awards for his cooking segments on the award-winning Soup & Co. television show.  Prep also is known for his work teaching middle-schoolers nutrition through hands-on cooking. His Quality for Kids brand, which produces an annual Clash of the Cooking Crews involving local middle schools, teaches kids to prepare nutritious, delicious meals and change the way their families eat.

Prep recently finished at the top of his class at Schoolcraft College’s culinary program.

A Bloomfield Hills resident, Prep has big plans for B’s, including a updated menu that retains Mr. B’s’ most popular items, state-of-the-art sports viewing, live blues and jazz music in addition to existing DJ-driven dance nights, and an expanded catering and event business in Mr. B’s banquet facilities.

Mr. B’s was among the first sports bars in metro Detroit. It has expanded over the decades and now occupies 9,000 square feet at Main and Third Streets. In 2012, Mr. B’s added a martini lounge that flanks the main seating room. Prep plans to use the upscale space for craft beer, wine and food tastings.

Initially, the culinary chain included three Mr. B’s locations, including the original restaurant in Rochester. The third location, in Troy, became the Hamlin Pub.

The Johnny Prep brand of culinary media, products and programs is driven by an entrepreneurial chef’s passion for making great food from the freshest products. Johnny Prep’s mission is driven by the understanding that preparing food from scratch is the key to nutrition and health, and getting back to the basics of simple food, prepared with heart, is the only way to be truly healthy.

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