Liberty Center One preps for big expansion thanks to continued growth

Liberty Center One made a large investment in its data processing facility four years ago in Royal Oak and is starting to see a significant return on that investment.

“Business has grown exponentially over the last 2-3 years,” says Tim Mullahy, managing director of Liberty Center One. “The last 18 months to two years have been very strong.”

The 15-year-old company is close to filling up the first of its 4,000-square-foot data floor and expects to expand into another 4,000 square foot floor soon. The tier 3 public data center offers a full range of technology solutions, including colocation, managed,  virtual, dedicated and shared hosting services.  It can deliver more than 15kW of power to customer racks and the redundant infrastructure is designed to keep computing equipment running without interruption.

Mullahy says there has been a steadily increasing demand for these sorts of data processing services and that demand is expected to continue to grow as more aspects of business become electronically based.

“We think that trend will continue and more and more companies will look for our type of facilities,” Mullahy says.

That growth has allowed Liberty Center One to reach a staff of 25 people. It is current looking to add interns.

Source: Tim Mullahy, managing director of Liberty Center One
Writer: Jon Zemke

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