Liberty Center One grows hosting business, plans to hire

It’s been a long, winding journey for Liberty Center One, a journey that’s not only continuing but picking up speed.

Pleasant Ridge-based firm started out a dozen years ago focusing on
automotive marketing. As the firm grew, it made increasing use of
Internet hosting services, and then moved in that direction by buying
Ann Arbor-based Web Elite.

“That was really the impetus for us to get into the hosting business,” says Tim Mullahy, general manager of Liberty Center One.

the firm is hitting its stride with its new data center in Royal Oak,
which has allowed the firm to grow to 30-35 people and another 20 or so
independent contractors. Mullahy expects the firm to hire more people
in 2010.

“We’re pretty hopeful IT spending will be back up,” Mullahy says. “We think there is some pent up demand.”

encouraging sign is the growth it has seen so far this year. The firm
has been able to double its sales in the last six months and has
experienced more revenue growth this year compared to 2008.

Source: Tim Mullahy, general manager of Liberty Center One
Writer: Jon Zemke