Liberty Center One embarks on expansion project

Liberty Center One, a provider of high availability hosting services, announces an expansion of its data center floor capacity. “Customer demand is out-pacing the amount of space we have available today” says President/CEO Rex Smith. “Our expansion plans at our Michigan data center will take advantage of the same core infrastructure which has provided high availability services in a high density environment to our present customers.”

Liberty Center One opened its doors in 2008 in an effort to provide enterprise-level colocation services to customers accustomed to a high availability infrastructure and tight security controls.

“We saw a position in the market for data centers that catered to enterprises that had purpose built, captive data rooms in the past,” says Tim Mullahy, Managing Director.

Many corporate IT managers would like to take advantage of the affordable cost model provided by colocation facilities, but finding an appropriate site that provides the same level of security, resiliency and availability that would be found in a “captive” facility is not a simple task.

“Many commercial data centers were built at old telco sites or were in multi-tenant spaces that would not be attractive to major financial services, healthcare and manufacturing entities, says Mullahy. “We toured some sites without UPS battery back-up, some with only one carrier and others that were attached to high traffic businesses that could be considered security risks. We built Liberty with features that corporate entities and other organizations with high availability and stringent
security requirements would use if they were building their own facilities.”

Liberty Center One’s new 4,000 square foot floor space will take advantage of the core features of the hosting facility including:

  —  Redundant 750 kVA generators
  —  Redundant UPS battery back-up
  —  Redundant N+1 cooling
  —  Three independent fiber trunk connections
  —  Dual security authentication with biometrics

“We continue to invest in our critical infrastructure to support all of our customers,” says Rex Smith, President/CEO. “Our affordable business structure allows for small and medium sized businesses to take advantage of our robust, high availability infrastructure. We tell customers that they don’t have to have a top ten budget to have top ten data protection.”

Liberty’s success has been derived from a wide range of customers of all sizes. Besides worldwide manufacturing and financial services customers, the Liberty client roster also includes Michigan-based businesses as well as others from locations as diverse as Georgia, Texas, West Virginia, California and Nuernberg, Germany. Several customers from outside of the region use Liberty as their disaster recovery site due to Michigan’s natural disaster-free history.

“The diversity of customer applications we support at Liberty is truly remarkable,” says Pat Turner, Liberty’s CTO. “We have customers running worldwide Learning Management Systems with streaming video, building management systems, ERP systems for multiple plants in remote locations, healthcare records management and local e-marketing. Each customer’s unique needs are important and that’s what makes us different. We custom fit our services to each customer’s individuality.
It’s a challenge, but it’s important to us for our customers to get what they want.”

The projected availability of the new data room is December 1, 2012 and progress can be tracked through Liberty’s blog:

“We are bullish on technology growth in Michigan and are extremely proud of being part of the economic success of the region,” says Smith.