Jobs from an idea that makes scents

Jobs are often created by ideas.


Jobs are not created by union leaders or by executive fiat, even if the executive is the president of the United States.

Jobs are created when a person hits upon something of value and exploits it.

Could be a commodity, like oil. If you strike oil, you need helpers to collect it, refine it, transport it. Jobs are created.

More often, the job creator hits on an idea.

Wetzel’s idea came in 2002. He was tired, had just bought a strong cup
of coffee and was jotting down a note when he thought, “If this pen
smelled like coffee, I could work all day and be more awake.”

Pens was born. In 2005, a patent was approved. It was a small sideline
for Jon, Eric and Deanna — until Eric lost his part-time job at a
Chrysler plant a year ago.

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