Gamer Saloon hires 3 as it moves to downtown Royal Oak

Gamer Saloon recently moved its headquarters from Southfield to downtown Royal Oak, a move that should facilitate significant growth for the video-game networking company.

The six-year-old firm recently hired three people, expanding its staff to eight employees and four interns. Its new office has plenty of square footage to accommodate more new employees to meet its needs.

“We just finished our first full year of being cash-flow positive,” says Ari Dolgin, chief marketing officer for Gamer Saloon. “Last year we had a net revenue of $3 million.”

Gamer Saloon organizes and host online video game tournaments where participants have an opportunity to win cash prizes. It has more than 440,000 members and has hosted more than 63,000 tournaments. The company is now looking to expand its cash-prize business model to fantasy sports and even incorporating professional athletes into the gaming experience.

“You could be playing a certain athlete in Madden via webcam for a cash prize,” Dolgin says.

Source: Ari Dolgin, chief marketing officer for Gamer Saloon
Writer: Jon Zemke

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