Foodies get their fill on Taste-Full Tours

Foodies filling up on taste tours through Royal Oak.


Curious about the ethnic markets around town, but too shy to stop in? Looking for a new pizza experience or the best BBQ ribs or fabulous food and wine stops in Ferndale and Ann Arbor? Then sign up for a fun-filled Taste-Full Tour. Designed by Laura Romito and Laura Gononian of Royal Oak, the four- to five-hour culinary road trips feature anywhere from five to eight stops at restaurants, markets, breweries and bakeries, with a focus on small, independently owned businesses.

Tour goers are transported via a 30-passenger biofuel bus owned by Chris Ramos of The Night Move, whose eco-friendly vehicles shuttle people between Royal Oak, Ferndale and Detroit on weekend nights. Taste-Fill Tours are a mix of food and beverage sampling and a chance to “bond” with the local business owners.

“We thought it would be fun for people to get to know these businesses,” said Romito, a chef whose professional experiences include developing both a catering business and cooking school for Holiday Market in Royal Oak. “We ask the venues to provide an owner or a representative to talk to the group — ‘This is what we do, this market was in our family for this long’ — whatever their story is, and then we ask them to provide samples of whatever they’re really proud of. At a rib joint it could be ribs and cornbread. If it’s a brewery they might have a couple different kinds of beer. Noble Fish (Clawson) always does sushi.

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