Folktellers in Royal Oak Launches Corporate Storytelling Program

Royal Oak’s Folktellers has launched a new corporate storytelling program, which will offer training webinars and live workshops for companies looking to craft and communicate business narratives.

“These training programs are a natural extension of the entertainment platform we’ve launched,” says Stephen Sadler, executive producer of the Folktellers Universe. “Stories are meant to be shared by everyone, and the corporate world is no exception. They need this desperately.”

Folktellers is offering two-hour webinars and half-day, instructor-led workshops where participants will learn the framework, structure, and techniques for crafting and sharing stories across platforms. eLearning modules are in the works for later this year.

“The more important storytelling becomes, the more companies realize just how difficult is to craft and communicate the true value of their business and its people,” says Ann Hellow, director of corporate storytelling and a master storyteller.

“Every company, great or small, has a story. But most businesses never really take the time to step back and define their story. Instead, they just let it happen, focusing instead on storytelling aspects like the company history for their website, or the latest marketing and brand campaigns for their products and services. And that’s where the trouble starts … Stories fall apart when the narrative slowly stops representing the reality of the business, its people, and its culture.”

The services are geared especially toward businesses dealing with cultural issues, trying to develop emerging leaders, or focusing solely on sales and business development.

“These new training workshops will provide organizations with the proper approach and framework required to tell powerful stories both internally with their own people, and externally to their customers, partners, and suppliers,” says Terry Bean, a master storyteller.