Featured Video: RTT, USA

It used to be that if Detroit’s Big Three wanted to build a prototype for their latest auto design they had to invest six to seven figures to create a working model. If the engineering didn’t work out or focus groups didn’t like what they came up with… well, there went a million bucks.

Then the virtual world reared its beautiful head and the nature of design changed. Well, not really the nature, but the tools. Now, companies turn to the computer to experiment with engineering, aesthetics and design. And Royal Oak’s RTT, USA creates the technology that turns those designs and sketches into virtual prototyping, allowing for instanteneous changes and on-the-fly inspiration.

But that’s not all!

The same technology that lets interactive virtual designs come to life can also be used to market those designs.

To learn more about how RTT leverages the virtual world into real profits click on the YouTube video below.

Soundtrack provided by Detroit’s own, The Come Ons —http://www.myspace.com/thecomeonsdetroit. Pop til you drop!