Dogs finally allowed in new Royal Oak dogpark

Dogs have their own place to run and play in Royal Oak these days, and that new home away from home should be done by spring.

City officials hope to complete the dog park in Mark Twain Park soon after the winter weather breaks. Part of the fence of the park is up now and temporary fencing encircles the rest of the park.

“People are using it right now,” says Margaret Whitfield, a Royal Oak resident who is helping organize the dog park creation efforts.

A grass-roots group of local residents pushed to have the park created and raised the $15,000 needed to build it on the city’s northeast side. The park will let canines run without a leash but still under the supervision of their owner. Royal Oak does have a couple of dog runs, but nothing big enough for high-speed cavorting, chasing tails and retrieving Frisbees.

Whitfield also points out that fees to use the park will allow it to pay for itself relatvely quickly. The park will also serve as a place for the community to come together around their dogs.

“People bring out chairs and tables,” Whitfield says. “People end up becoming friends with people they never knew before.”

For information on helping make Royal Oak’s dog park a reality, click here or send an email to

Source: Margaret Whitfield, Royal Oak resident organizing the dog park creation efforts
Writer: Jon Zemke