Consumers Gas building buttons up facade in Royal Oak

Chalk up another renovation of a historic
building in downtown Royal Oak. The latest addition is the old home for
Consumers Gas at the corner of Third and Williams Streets, one block
east of Main Street.

Wold Architects and Engineers
has buttoned up the façade restoration and is looking for a tenant for
the ground floor of the 1920s-era building. Wold, which specializes in
designing schools, renovated the second floor in 2007.

One of
the first things it did was to remove a 1960s-era fake façade that had
been attached to the building. It now bears a closer resemblance to its
early 20th Century heritage, but a little bit of touch up work can
still be done.

The ground floor of the 12,000-square-foot
structure is available for a number of tenants, such as traditional
retail or a restaurant. Downtown Royal Oak-based Schneider+Smith
Architects designed the renovation.

Source: Jim Schneider, president of Schneider+Smith Architects
Writer: Jon Zemke