A culinary tour in and ’round Royal Oak

There are all kinds of tours. Music tours, museum tours, pub crawls (it’s kind of like a tour), tours of duty, and even food tours. Enter Culinary Escapes, a food tour company here in the Great Lakes State. And they are close to home, too. Check out the Royal Oak experience. And if you go on a tour like this, you might want to wear your fat pants.


I was a bit of a skeptic, at first, about the need for a walking
tour — to restaurants in Royal Oak, Mich., near Detroit Hip eateries
in the Detroit suburb of Royal Oak are within close proximity to one
another. And I’ve never had much problem finding food.

But then I met up with our guide on this tour by
Culinary Escapes, a company founded last summer. Marq Blanks handed us
tiny earpieces with receivers we clipped onto our jackets.

And we soon were trailing behind him around town, through farm
market booths, past charming bakeries, striking (even scandalous)
sculptures and tempting eateries, feeling like a cross between campus
tour-goer and undercover culinary spy as he transmits historic, food
and celebrity trivia en route to each stop.

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