323 East art print web start-up 1xRUN.com takes off in Royal Oak

The guys behind downtown Royal Oak’s 323 East and the OHM Creative Group have created a start-up website that sells limited editions of art prints and is growing rapidly.

1xRUN.com got its start last November selling about 50 prints of select contemporary art to collectors. Think the same type of avant-garde work that graces the walls of the 323 East. These prints sell for $50 a pop and are coveted by collectors.

“They are signed and dated by the artist as a limited edition,” says Jesse Cory, co-founder of 323 East, OHM Creative Group and 1xRUN. “They appreciate in value.”

Cory, Dan Armand, and Ryan Brogran started the company and now have five employees. The original art usually sells quickly but the prints are also snapped up at art shows and similar events by people in the know. 1xRUN makes it more widely available to more consumers.

“Basically what this does is democratizing art to a certain extent,” Cory says. “Now we’re embarking on becoming a national art company. We’re attending all of the comic cons.”

Source: Jesse Cory, co-founder of 323 East, OHM Creative Group and 1xRUN
Writer: Jon Zemke

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This story previously appeared in Metromode.