Spring training comes to Van Hoosen Farm

With the tardy arrival of the annual inter-glacial thaw, procrustean task master Patrick “Barnraiser” McKay has lately posted a schedule of training maneuvers for the members of the Rochester Grangers Vintage Base Ball Club.  Once again, the men in red and black are keen to lay aside their chores and farm implements to reacquaint muscles laid dormant by the ravages of the blackthorn winter.

Venerable strongmen Scott “Chooch” Westgate and Bob “Anvil” Wynne have reportedly undertaken their own off-season training regimen in hopes of avoiding a recurrence of the calamitous maladies which plagued their efforts last season.  Anticipating another banner year, the lads have scheduled summer junkets to base ball outposts at Mackinac Island, Bay City and Navin Field. 

Soon the familiar sound of hickory meeting horsehide will echo throughout the stoney-walled confines, signaling the return of the summer game.  Exercises begin in earnest with home matches on Saturday, May 10 and Sunday, May 18 at Van Hoosen Farm, with the Richmond and Plymouth nines providing the opposition.  As is customary, festivities begin at 1:00 p.m., with base ball, fresh air and enjoyment on display for the public, according to the rules and customs of 1864.

Douglas ‘Moonlight” Otlewski contributed this Granger up date in the writing style used in the late 1800s.


For further information on the entire schedule please call the Museum at (248) 656-4663 or circumnavigate the new fangled web at www.rochestergrangers.org.