Rochester’s Paint a Miracle brings art to the disabled

Paint a Miracle – it’s the name of a new art studio in downtown Rochester, and it’s also testament to the transformative powers which art, and one man’s mission, bring to the lives of disabled people in Oakland County.

Over 150 artists and students, some disabled, make their way to this nonprofit for the chance to learn art in a setting that’s welcoming, inclusive and designed to build self-confidence.


The way Shelly Tyshka describes it, Paint a Miracle is an art studio
and gallery designed to offer people living with disabilities –
physical, mental – an opportunity to explore the arts in an inspiring
and innovative environment. There are classes and studio time. The artists’ work goes on display and can be sold. Pieces are catalogued and priced. For those reasons and so many more it is real, genuine art.

“The cool thing is, when you walk through the door here, you have no
idea you are in a room with people society might want to label,” Tyshka
said. “You see amazing individuals with amazing talents.”

Read more about Paint a Miracle here, or visit their website.