Rochester takes steps to create a new park

Rochester is taking the first steps in a long journey toward creating a new park on the city’s south side.

Planning Commission expects to begin forming zoning for parks,
recreation, and open space at its July 8 meeting. This would allow the
city to switch the zoning of its old wastewater treatment plants from
industrial to the new classification, clearing the way to create a park

“In our master plan it’s listed as a prime location for a
park, recreation or open space,” says Jaymes Vettraino, city manager
for Rochester.

site, which is several acres in size, housed the city’s wastewater
treatment plant for several decades until the mid 1990s, when it was
decommissioned. Most of its buildings and tanks have either been razed
or filled in. One building remains and is used by the fire department
as a training and record storage facility.

The rest of the area is open space. It’s also near the Clinton River and the Clinton River Trail.

Source: Jaymes Vettraino, city manager for Rochester
Writer: Jon Zemke