OU rolls out new master’s program in cyber security

Starting this fall, Oakland University will offer a Master of Science in Cyber Security. The program – the only one of its kind in the state – is designed to prepare students who seek both a strong foundation and detailed technical knowledge in security, privacy, and cryptography applied to information systems, networks, and software, as well as an appreciation of the social, policy, ethical and legal aspects of security and privacy. 
“The overall goal of the program is to provide students with the background knowledge in theory and practice to understand current cyber security threats, but more importantly to be able to understand, adapt, and develop new techniques to confront emerging threats,” said Dr. Huirong Fu, professor and program coordinator.
Cyber security is a fast-growing field currently creating new jobs over the next decade as both government and industry plan significant investments to protect data and information systems. According to Norton’s annual cyber crime report, an estimated 71 million people in the United States became cyber crime victims and cybercrime has cost $110 billion in 2011.
The program is particularly suitable for students who have received a baccalaureate degree in computer science, information technology or engineering and desire a career in cyber security research or industry.
“The program will prepare our graduates to face the futuristic security-related challenges emerging from our internet-connected world, the rapid adoption of mobile devices, and the ever increasing role of software applications in our daily life,” Dr. Fu added.
The program offers two tracks – professional and research – which prepare students for careers in industry and academia. It is offered through the Department of Computer Science and Engineering – housed within the University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science – in collaboration with the School of Business Administration’s Department of Decision and Information Sciences.
To learn more about OU’s Master of Science in Cyber Security, visit the website or contact Dr. Huirong Fu at fu@oakland.edu.