OU Incubator company wins national theatre contract

iTrack LLC, a tenant client of the OU Business Incubator Program, has sold its customized entertainment tracking system to a live theater company with locations in Branson, MO and Lancaster, PA.

Originally developed for the military, the TNS-400 Tracking and Navigation System has been refitted for a variety of commercial uses; the system can automatically track and control any group of objects in real time. In the case of Sight & Sound Theaters, the new technology will help the company seamlessly organize and control its lighting, scenery and stage management issues.


OU INC Executive Director Amy Butler said she is pleased that the incubator has helped facilitate iTrack’s expansion of technological marketability.

“This is a great example of how we create an environment that grows innovation,” she said. “iTrack is using solutions developed for one industry to meet the needs of and create new possibilities for other industry sectors. That is the hallmark of innovation, and we’re thrilled to see it taking place right here in Oakland County.”

Visit iTrack’s website to learn more; click here to visit OU’s Business Incubator website.