OU expands the scope of its biomedical research efforts

Rochester, Mich. –

Efforts are now well under way to capitalize on research opportunities that will broaden Oakland University’s already intense focus on applied health and biomedical sciences.

Bradley Roth, director of OU’s Center for Biomedical Research, said both faculty and student researchers are excited about an opportunity to take advantage of the institutional resources that support OU’s Research Excellence Fund. Grants distributed through the fund are designed to help get fledgling research projects up and running.

 “Often this is viewed as seed money for research that can lead to people getting federal funding later,” Roth explained. “You really need the preliminary data to win that.”

Virinder Moudgil, OU’s senior vice president and provost, said an exciting aspect of the center’s grant funding framework is that awards are now available to researchers in schools throughout the university.

 “The good ideas come from everywhere,” he explained. “The broader your participation, the more the chances that you’ll find those new and encouraging ideas.”

Work done by faculty and students often explores the primary mechanisms of physiological systems. This research provides new insights and answers to questions that often stand in the way of breakthroughs in specialized areas of health science.

“We need to support this research and help people understand that it’s the foundation on which the health care industry is built,” Roth said.

Support for faculty and student research work complements a number of other health-related initiatives at Oakland. These include the founding of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine and plans to build a $62 million Human Health Building as part of a future medical park on campus. A medical school building and a medical research facility also are planned.

For more information about the Center for Biomedical Research, visit http://www2.oakland.edu/cbr/.