Oakland University starts bike-share, van shuttle services

It’s not just the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor that are finding new and innovative ways to get university students, staff, and faculty around. Oakland University and Rochester are getting into the groove, too.

“It is important to start looking at alternative forms of transportation,” Glenn McIntosh, dean and assistant vice president for student affairs at Oakland University, said in a press release.

Oakland University plans to start two new alternative transportation programs this fall — a bike-share and van-shuttle programs. These environmentally friendly services will be available to all university patrons for free.

The bike-share program is a student-led initiative that will depend on the honor system. It will feature 30 bicycles for on-campus use only at 30 different bike racks across the campus. The bikes will be stored in the winter term.

Another seven bike racks will be added to campus to facilitate the program. Student and university officials are also working on plans to make the commuter campus more bike-friendly by adding bike lanes and trails throughout the campus.

Shuttle buses, a pilot program, will enable students and staff to travel between campus points without having to worry about losing their parking spaces. The 12-seat vans will run in a loop between Busch’s shopping center, Buffalo Wild Wings, the Village of Rochester, and downtown Rochester during weekends.

Source: Oakland University
Writer: Jon Zemke