Oakland University plans for major campus upgrades this summer

Oakland University
is in line for a lot of upgrades and renovations this summer as the
Rochester Hills-based school redoes everything from entrances to
building interiors.

Ted Montgomery, director of media relations
for Oakland University, described the work as deferred maintenance that
has been a long time coming for the university. The projects will be
done throughout the summer and will wrap up in time for the students’
return this fall.

The university is revamping its two plazas,
bringing in more inviting designs to greet its thousands of students.
These plazas are between the North and South Foundation Halls leading
to the Oakland Center and the plaza between the Oakland Center and
O’Dowd Hall.

Oakland University is also going to repave the
main entrance to the campus at Squirrel and University between mid-May
and August. Culvert and road repairs will be done on Meadow Brook Road
between Hamlin Hall and the University Student Apartments. This will
complement sidewalk upgrades throughout campus.

The university
also plans to renovate the second floor of O’Dowd Hall for the Oakland
University William Beaumont School of Medicine. It will also replace
floor tile on the first and second floors. Wilson Hall, Anibal House,
Dodge Hall, Hamlin Hall, and a corridor in North Foundation Hall will
also undergo renovations.

These projects don’t have any big sustainable features, but Oakland
University officials are looking at incorporating some in the future.

“We are developing sustainable projects, but they are a little ways off yet,” Montgomery says.

Source: Ted Montgomery, director of media relations for Oakland University
Writer: Jon Zemke