Oakland University extends reach into downtown Rochester

Looks like Oakland University is seeing the advantages of urbanism after all.

The university is teaming up with the Royal Park Hotel
in downtown Rochester, designating the hotel as the university’s
officials conference center and preferred destination for guests.
University’s officials called the hotel one of the area’s “premier”
hotels, a place that will significantly enhance the school’s culture.

partnership is expected to bring more foot traffic and business to
Rochester, which has one of Metro Detroit’s most vibrant city centers.
Oakland University is located in Rochester Hills and is the
stereotypical suburban-style commuter campus.

The Royal Park Hotel is one of Metro Detroit’s top downtown hotels, on par with The Townsend in downtown Birmingham and the Book Cadillac and Fort Shelby hotels in downtown Detroit. It’s designed to look like old English manor.

hotel is on the south side of University Drive, a few blocks east of
Main Street. It overlooks the banks of the Paint Creek and the Paint Creek Trail.

Source: Oakland University
Writer: Jon Zemke