Oakland University creates more parking within existing space

More parking. It’s a refrain that has become the bane of redevelopment in Metro Detroit, a region still chained to four wheels.

Providing more parking often comes at the expense of good urban development, if it doesn’t scuttle the project altogether. Oakland University has come up with a way to provide it without extending the sea of asphalt.

The university, which experienced record enrollment this fall, re-striped some of its parking lots in a more efficient manner. The project, which cost $2,000, created 72 extra spaces. The goal is to give a little extra breathing room for drivers at the commuter campus in Rochester.

Among the lots that received extra spaces are the lot at Squirrel Road and Walton Boulevard (26) and along the connector road between Varner Hall and Pawley Hall (23). The rest were scatted on parking lots throughout campus. All of the university’s parking areas can be found here.

Source: Oakland University
Writer: Jon Zemke