Oakland University and Wayne State University officials sign affiliation agreement

Leaders from Oakland University and Wayne State University today signed an affiliation agreement that will allow students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and law degree in six years. 
Traditionally, earning a bachelor’s degree followed by a law degree would total seven years. With this agreement, students will transfer 30 credits from courses at Wayne State University Law School back to Oakland University to meet bachelor’s degree requirements.
To apply, Oakland University students must have completed a minimum of 75 credits in an approved undergraduate degree. The bachelor of integrative studies is the first program approved for the partnership. It is expected that the list of majors at Oakland eligible for the partnership will expand as the program moves forward.
Students also must take the Law School Admission Test and meet all other Wayne Law admissions requirements. During the fourth (senior) year at Oakland, students will attend Wayne Law and will begin with the first two semesters of credits at Wayne Law (30 credits) transferring back to Oakland for completion of the bachelor’s degree.
For more information about the partnership, current and prospective Oakland students can contact David Lau at 248-370-3229 or lau@oakland.edu. For more information about Wayne Law, contact Wayne Law Admissions at 313-577-3937 or lawinquire@wayne.edu.