Oakland University adds more green vehicles to its campus

Oakland University’s vehicle fleet is
becoming greener around the mud flaps now that it has added some
zero-emission trucks to its mix.

The university’s Facilities
Management department purchased three Miles ZX40ST electric trucks.
Each one charges from a standard 110-volt outlet and has expected
regenerative breaking and a battery life measuring out to 25,000 miles.

The trucks have a payload capacity of more than 1,000 pounds
each. They are street legal and can drive as fast as 50 mph, although
they are built to go at speeds of around 25 mph.

“They’re not
only lightweight but they can do all of the work the little Mitsubishi
gas-powered trucks can do,” says Jon Barth, manager of custodial and
grounds for Oakland University. “They’re working very well for us.”

University bought them from North Central Zenn in Ohio for about
$14,000 each. Officials expect to save as much as $2,500 on annual gas
and maintenance costs. The vehicles will be evaluated over the winter
and summer to see if these projections pan out.

These are not
the first environmentally friendly vehicles the university has
purchased for its Rochester campus. It also uses an assortment of
gas-powered pickup trucks and vans built by the Big Three.

Source: Jon Barth, manager of custodial and grounds for Oakland University
Writer: Jon Zemke