Oakland University: “A model of efficiency”

Oakland University has been deemed a “Model of Efficiency” by University Business Magazine. One of six colleges to receive the honor, “Oakland University stands out for developing a very effective solution to a challenging situation,” said editor-in-chief of the magazine, Tim Goral.

By converting to an online grade-changing process, OU saved $30,000 in paper and labor costs. The new system makes the process more efficient and timely, essentially simplifying the entire process while conserving funds. The transformation was a collaborative effort between the Registrar’s Office and University Technology Services and Academic Affairs.

The Model of Efficiency program is sponsored by Higher One, a company dedicated to providing college offices with enhanced services for students, like with electronic billing and payments plans.
“The creativity, tenacity and determination demonstrated by Models of Efficiency winners are inspiring to us in the private sector as we continue to strive to support the streamlining of operations and services in higher education”, said CEO of Higher One, Dean Hatton.

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