Newer, larger Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters moves to Rochester’s Main St.

After more than three years at its old Second Street location on the fringe of downtown Rochester, the Dessert Oasis has moved to middle of Main Street and changed its name to reflect its specialty of roasting coffee.

The opening this weekend of the newly-named Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters at 336 S. Main St. will double seating capacity and sport a stepped-up interior of wood floors and exposed brick. Manager Andy Vickers is excited about the prospects.

Besides seating more of the customers who come for coffee that’s roasted right in the back, for after-dinner desserts made on site or who attend open mic, live music nights and other special events, the new location is “smack dab in the middle of downtown. It’s just such a great place to be. We have a lot of great events coming up and we always have people strolling around town after dinner or going out,” Vickers says.

Dessert Oasis also serves fondues and fresh fruit crepes and sandwiches. “We provide all the coffee and the desserts and we can seat up to 20,” Vickers says.

The new shop has a larger private room for rental, and already book clubs, writing groups and a Bible study class use it.

This weekend and others owner Jamal Hamood’s daughter, Stephanie Hamood, will perform. She just returned from touring with singer Anita Baker. Son Nate Hamood, only 17, is an award-winning coffee roaster and will do his thing with the beans. Monday nights are open mic nights and attract many promising singers.

Writer: Kim North Shine
Source: Andy Vickers, manager, Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters