New development plan for Rochester’s South Street

Rochester’s South Street neighborhood is cleaning up and focusing on a transformation to improve the quality of life within the area. Plans for long-term improvement and development are being led by the city’s planning commission.

New businesses, paved roads and a re-emphasis on preserving the Clinton River Trail are just a few of the ideas being put into action as the heavily-industrialized neighborhood reconnects with the rest of Rochester. South Street Skatepark and Eisenhower Dance Ensemble have recently relocated to the area, while Goldfish Swim Club plans to open by winter and Wet Noses Pet Camp prepares for expansion.

Chairman David Gassen said the area is ripe for redevelopment and open to ideas. However, before a business gets permission to open, it must meet requirements set by the planning commission; one of the major necessities being paved roads around the business location.


“We’re going to finish the paving, we’re going to put a new water main in,” said Nik Banda, deputy Rochester city manager and director of economic development. A second special assessment for sidewalks and lighting would come next, he added. “First things first. We’re just trying to connect it all together.”

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