NeuMedicine Technologies look to hire up to 20

Ever have a day when you need a doctor, but can’t find one anywhere? NeuMedicine Technologies plans to solve that ailment.

The Rochester Hills-based start-up uses telemedicine technology to place doctors with the hospitals or medical facilities that need them.

“The firm provides physicians to hospitals who have the medical staff to meet the needs of the community,” says Rob Fisher, founder and CEO of NeuMedicine Technologies.

A venture-capital firm, Boston-based HLM, recruited Fisher to start the company almost two years ago. Last year he finally made the plunge and now employs five people and two interns, plus 30 physicians under contract in 10 states.

He expects to add a couple more staffers in the next few weeks and another 15-20 within the next year. Another 50-75 physicians will probably come under contract by then, and a new west coast office is expected to be open within the next year.

“I see it exploding,” Fisher says. “The bottom line is we have two clients now but we have 34 hospitals in 10 states that are signing contracts.”

Source: Rob Fisher, founder and CEO of NeuMedicine Technologies
Writer: Jon Zemke